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Trying to get your kitchen organised? Want to keep produce fresh? Or just worried about clutter in the kitchen? Invest in these high quality, innovative canisters and enjoy a tidy kitchen stocked with fresh produce. 

Making kitchen storage easy with these stylish, durable canisters

Keeping food fresh and your kitchen tidy has never been easier. Briscoes has many canister sizes, as well as canisters with either broad product uses or specific designs for certain grocery items like tea, coffee, sugar or biscuits. That way, you can be sure you’re buying the right canister for what you need. 

For food storage in your pantry, consider our different types of airtight container. For a durable option, a steel canister may be the way to go, while glass canisters offer timeless style. Whether you choose glass or steel, our canisters allow you to see exactly what’s inside without having to open them. 

If you’re worried about the use of BPA, we have BPA free products readily available. Not to mention, we have stackable options, as well as lids that are easy to remove (even one-handed) while maintaining an airtight seal. 

Keep your foodstuffs sealed with our latest canisters at Briscoes 

For more great kitchen ideas, try storing your freshly made bread from your breadmaker in our bread tins. Or find a delightful teapot to brew loose leaf tea from your tea canister. You may also find canisters useful if you have a Nespresso maker, coffee machine or coffee plunger

At Briscoes, we specialise in kitchen appliances and kitchenware from high quality brands such as Brabantia, Tablefair or Click Clack. Browse our canister range and enjoy our fast shipping options and our price guarantee.