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Briscoes Ceramic Heaters

Keep your cold hands as warm as your heart this winter at Briscoes with our toasty selection of electric ceramic heaters in portable, tower, and wall-mounted versions. Choose from brands and top models like the Goldair ceramic fan heater and DeLonghi ceramic heater.

Types of ceramic heaters

Generate an inviting warmth in any room with your ideal ceramic heater.

Create a warm and cosy feel to your home or office with the welcoming collection of ceramic heaters from Briscoes. Ideal for medium to large rooms, you can opt for portable, tower, or wall-mounted ceramic heaters in a variety of sizes. Finding the ideal match for your heating needs is easy. 

Our ceramic heater range includes the latest in heating technology, so you can find the right heater to match your requirements. Discover stunning features like oscillation, remote control operation, and adjustable thermostats and timers. You can also feel secure knowing that we stock ceramic heaters with cutting-edge safety functions. 

Create an elegant hotspot with stylish ceramic heaters

You don’t need to worry about a clunky, oversized heater cramping your style this winter. Functionality meets form with the sleek and stylish ceramic heater range at Briscoes. With chic black or white platinum designs available, you can keep your room’s décor as inviting as its temperature.

Shop for ceramic heaters and other heating solutions at Briscoes – one of New Zealand’s most iconic brands. Shop with confidence now and take advantage of our price beat guarantee and fast shipping options.

Frequently asked question

Your frequently asked questions about ceramic heaters. 

Do ceramic heaters use a lot of power?

Ceramic heaters are often seen as one of the most power-efficient heaters for rooms of all sizes. Ceramic heaters quickly heat up and then cool once they’re shut down.

What is the advantage of a ceramic heater?

Compared to other forms of heating, ceramic heaters can reach their target temperature extremely fast. This can be great when you first get home from work to your cold room.