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Discover Down Alternative Pillows

You might be wondering, what even is a down alternative pillow? To put it simply, a down alternative pillow is not made from down. Rather, they tend to be made from polyester fibres or cotton fibres instead. Once you start sleeping on a down alternative pillow, you won’t be able to go back to anything else!

Benefits of a down alternative pillow

A down alternative pillow is a great option for many different types of sleepers. They are designed to be soft, fluffy and cuddly just like down is - except for a much lower price. Not to mention, this pillow is a great choice for the ethical shopper, as no birds are harmed in the making of this pillow. Because of this, these pillows are often allergy friendly too. 

This pillow is considered to be quite versatile, making it a great pillow for side sleepers and a great pillow for back sleepers and sometimes even stomach sleepers. For more information on what pillows are best for your style of sleeping, head over to our pillow buying guide.

Best brands for down alternative pillows

As one of our customers, you deserve the best of the best. That is why we make sure to only stock the highest quality brands, with down alternative pillows from Hilton, Serta, Alistair’s and Greenfirst

If you are looking to give your entire bed a makeover, we have plenty of top-quality bedding available. Whether you need pillowcases, duvet covers, duvet inners or a comforter - we have got you covered.

Frequently asked question

Your frequently asked question about down alternative pillows answered.

What's the difference between down and down alternative pillows?

The main difference between the two is what they are made out of. Down pillows are made from actual down, which is a layer of fine bird feathers. Whereas a down alternative is not made from down at all. Instead, it is made from synthetic polyester material designed to mimic the feeling of a traditional down pillow. One of the key differences between the two is price, with down alternative pillows usually being more affordable.