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Kitchen Utensils & Cooking Preparation

Kitchen utensils & cooking preparation

No modern kitchen is fully complete without the perfect kitchen utensils. Explore our latest exciting range of chopping boards, colanders, kitchen scales, pastry cutters and other must-have kitchen utensils and cooking preparation tools. 

Discover a wide range of kitchen utensils in NZ at Briscoes

It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert looking to expand your kitchenware collection or just learning your way around the kitchen for the first time. Whatever your current cooking skill level, Briscoes has you sorted with these high-quality kitchen utensils, including some of the best silicone kitchen utensils in NZ.

Make precision a high priority with our accurate and trusty kitchen scales and our mix and measure range of measuring cups, jugs, bowls and spoons. They’re a must for baking and almost any recipe. And tick off your kitchen utensils list with our popular kitchen utensils, including slotted spoons, peelers, tongs and wooden kitchen utensils too. 

Our extensive variety of chopping boards features so many different sizes and materials that you can pick the very best to suit your needs. Strain liquids from food and wash fruit and vegetables with our sturdy steel colanders, wash salad better with our salad spinners, and cook meat perfectly with an oven thermometer. 

Buy kitchen utensils & cooking preparation products

Well made, easy to clean and brought to you by trusted brands, this fabulous array of kitchen utensils makes it oh-so-easy to prepare and cook healthy meals the whole family can enjoy.

Get fantastic deals on affordable kitchen utensils in NZ at Briscoes, your leading homewares retailer. Shop with peace of mind by taking full advantage of our fast shipping options and price-beat guarantee today. 

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about kitchen utensils and cooking preparation.

What are kitchen essentials for basic food preparation?

What’s deemed essential for basic food preparation depends on your style and what you regularly cook. Common kitchens will have mixing bowls, cutting boards, measuring cups, a good utensil set and food scales. 

Why is preparation important in food?

Prioritising good food preparation is vital to avoid food-borne illnesses and for efficient and tidy cooking.