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Sports Bags

Whether you’re a gym buff, athlete, track runner or anything in between, you need a proper sports bag to carry what you need. View our range of sports bags and sports duffle bags online now, and set your next workout up for success. 

Gear up for your next workout

At Briscoes, we have a wide variety of bags and luggage options, including sports bags. Small sports bags, men's duffle bags and women's duffle bags, our sport bag options are all durable and look smart. Many of our sports bag options feature adjustable straps and durable linings so that you can focus on your workout or exercise. 

Or the storage options you need for tournament week

Tournament week is a period marked on any budding athlete's calendar. We have all of the baggage and luggage options you need to gear up for a successful tournament. Our tote bags are fantastic for general use. Check out our grip bags to cart clothing and other travel items. Then, for prizegiving at the end of the week, keep your best clothing safe in a garment bag

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about sports bags. 

What is the point of a gym bag?

If you take your working out seriously, you’ll have a few bits and pieces you may need to carry around. A gym bag is purpose built to fit these items.

What is the difference between a gym bag and a duffle bag?

Some people will call a duffle bag and a gym bag the same thing, which is fine. However, some say a duffle bag is bigger and sturdier than a gym bag. Unlike a duffle bag, a gym back also usually has a hard bottom.