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Spring Refresh

With Spring's quick arrival, now is the perfect time to hit refresh on the home and get ready for the warmer weather. From subtle rearranging, that will make a huge difference, to adding pops of colour, and new scents, we have some tips to get your home feeling like new!

Tips to Get You Spring Cleaning

Here are our top 3 tips to help get you started. From doing a declutter and cleaning out your space, to adding new decor pieces for that fresh - we've covered all your bases for the ultimate Spring Clean!


Prep your Space

Get ready for the ultimate spruce up by decluttering and deep cleaning. Dust all your nooks that might have been neglected, wipe down skirting boards and clean your light fixtures. A satisfying job, that will make your space instantly brighter! In order to do a deep clean you'll be forced to rearrange furniture, organise books and decor, and declutter.


Rearrange & Re-Style

Springtime is all about renewal. An easy trick is to make the most out of what you already have in your house, by rearranging furniture and switching pieces from other areas of your home to recreate a space. Try switching out knicknacks for seasonal decorations like fresh blooms in a new vase, or fragrant candles.


Add Pops of Colour

Say goodbye to darker warming hues, and hello to bright colours, lighter fabrics and floral motifs. Introduce some punchy pillows to your lounge, refresh your tabel linens, and add a colourful duvet to your bedroom. An easy way to introduce new light without replacing staple furniture pieces is adding in new throws, colourful coffee table books and fresh blooms to your space.


Spring Decor: Bring the Outdoors In

With a little bit of planning you can completely transform a room without having to replace any of your staple furniture. For example, you can switch out your winter weight knit blankets for a lightweight throw and drape it over a chair to give the room a more airy feel.

  • Replace heavy weight fabrics and fur cushions: start by switching out these winter weight fabrics, with lighter summer weights such as linens and cottons. Say good-bye to faux fur's and instead introduce floral cushions to embody the spirit of the new season!

  • Say hello to florals: Alternate between floral patterns, vivid pillows for a pops of colour, and more pastel tones for you living room. Punchy pillows will tie together the room’s more spring-like attitude. Bringing in fresh blooms from the garden (or some artificial flowers for the non-gardeners), are a natural way to spruce up your decor. Arrange a bouquet in a vase to bring the sweet scents of spring to your dining or coffee table.

  • Separating Spaces: Rugs are an often-overlooked addition to add seasonal color without dramatically altering a room layout.



Spruce up the Bedroom

Hit refresh with some brand new bed linens. Say goodbye to winter layers and flannelette sheets and opt for light-weight fabrics like linen or cotton. Try a mix and match of patterns and colours of your duvet cover and sheet set. For example choose a floral duvet cover with a linen sheet set


  • Combine floral prints with pops of colour: An option is to co-ordinate your duvet cover with your existing wall colors while also combining a tone of spring. For example, a neutral wall colour pairs well with a vibrant bed spread. When picking a stand-out linen be sure to balance this out with neutral additions like block coloured decorative pillows, a neutral throw blanket and a pastel coloured sheet set.

  • Update to summer-weight fabrics: It is common to have winter bedding and summer bedding. Different fabrics suit different temperatures. For example, wool duvet inners are often chosen for winter as they are slightly heavier and add warmth. Being Spring, this is the perfect time to begin transitioning into your summer-weight bedding and adding an additional blanket while it's still cool. Check out our Duvet Inner Buying Guide to understand the different fills and find the best weights for your sleep-style.



Memories are Made at the Table

Whether your celebrating, or simply enjoying a dinner with family and friends, decorating the table for spring brings life to any meal. Coordinating neutral table runners, textured placemats and white dinnerware can be the perfect combination for a more formal evening. Or opt for rattan placemats and colourful dinnerware for a more summer filled, outdoorsy feel.

  • Update your Serveware: Try mixing up your serveware and opting for a rustic style over typical whiteware. By doing so you create character and begin adding texture to your table. Try pairing different colours than you normally would, for example, for a more delicate table try more muted pastel tone serveware which you can combine with fresh flowers scattered along the table and small tea lights. 

  • Opt for colourful and quirky drinkware: For added depth to your table, try adding colour and shape through your drinkware. Opt for crystal champagne flutes, and colourful goblets.