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Back to Uni: Set Up Your Flat

As the flatting season quickly approaches, get prepared to burst your budget on all things bedding, decor and kitchen appliances for a fresh start in your new home. Briscoes is here to give you a few tips to make your student flat as cosy as your home.

Top tips to get your flat decorated

Here are our top 3 tips to help get you started. From preparing a list of everything you might need, to making your flat feel like home. We've covered all the basics for your ultimate flat! 



Write a checklist


It is very common to forget all your flat essentials when you are last minute buying. Ensure you write a list of all the items you are after to decorate your Bedroom, Bathroom, Office, Living room, Laundry and Dining Room. This will help to not forget anything! 




Establish your flat theme


The best place to start the preparation to move into your flat is deciding on a theme that will work best for yourself and your flatmates. Whether that is having a Boho theme with earthy tones, or a Scandinavian theme with a dark feature wall. This will ensure you can gain some inspiration before shopping and know what to get once you start the shop!



Make it feel like home


Sometimes when you are moving into your first flat or have been away from home for a while, you will need a piece of home with you. You could use a family photo, or a series of photos with your friends to add that little part of home to your room. 



Your DIY Office

It is neccesary to have a workspace at home whether that is in an office or a nook in your room to separate your own space to your workspace. It can sometimes be difficult to differentiate your relaxation to your work areas. With these unknown times, you want to know that you have your ideal set up at home for any potential lockdowns that come in the future. You need to be comfortable to be there all day and night for all those long hours spent on assignments. 

  • Grab a chair and desk organisers: It is essential to have a comfy chair for your all day studies or work from home days, along with a way to organise all your papers to keep your desk clean.

  • Decorate the space: Shop through the decor to match your theme for the flat with candles, artificial plants, photos and more.



Your New Bedroom

Setting up your flat gives you the opportunity to create the bedroom you've always wanted. As you scroll through new ideas and themes online, you will find the perfect aesthetic for your brand new room. Being a student, you may have found yourself with a hand-me-down bed from your Grandma's old house or a flat pack deal you found online. This means your bed may be lacking in comfort. A top tip to make it feel like new again is to add a mattress topper and protector. 


  • Your bedding: This is your cosy part of your room, that ties it all together. Colour co-ordinate your space with a new duvet cover, sheet set, pillows and a mattress topper to really make it feel like home.

    • South Island Flatting: Safe to say you may experience temperatures close to 0 degrees in the middle of Winter! So, be sure to stock up on flannelette sheets, a warmer duvet inner (think goose down & wool) and some extra blankets.

    • North Island Flatting: You're less likely to have the issue of constant chills in your uninsulated home in the North Island with relatively warmer temperatures. In saying that, be sure to get some trans-seasonal linen that can take you from those warmer months all the way through winter. Think cotton sheets and duck down or micro-fibre fills.



Your Cooking Essentials For The Kitchen

Anything and everything to make your life easier when cooking the flat dinners is a must! Whether it be an Air Fryer, Toasted Sandwich maker or Fry Pans for those lazy dinners; or a Nutribullet for those quick Monday morning breakfasts smoothies. 


  • Kitchen Appliances to make cooking easy: Air Fryers are a popular buy as we lead up to flatting season. Ensure you get in before they all disappear. Become the favourite flat mate by whipping up hot chips, chicken, donuts and chicken nuggets all cooked out of the same appliance. Explore our range for all the cooking essentials you didn't know you needed, like Electric Woks, Breadmakers, Food Processors and more, to really make your life easier. 

  • Drinks on the go: If you are a University student your life will be busy as you try and balance going for a night out, gyming and studying. You will most likely be taking your coffee and smoothies on the go. Shop through Coffee Machines and Blenders to see what will be your drink of choice on the go. 




Your Bathrooom and Laundry

The Bathroom and Laundry might not be at the top of your checklist for designing, however it can actually be very fun shopping through all the items for these rooms to make it your own.

  • Jazzing up your boring bathrom: Be sure to have all the essentials like an electric toothbrush, towels and hand wash along with items to treat yourself after the shower like a bath robe, hair dryer and hair towel.

  • Colour Co-ordinating: Really make this space your own by continuing your chosen colour palette into the bathroom. Pick neutral bath towels to match your bedding, and add a pop of colour with your bath-mat. Getting creative with your towels can be an affordable way to spice up your space. 

  • Personal Care: Enjoy your own downtime with some personal care to make yourself feel refreshed. Whether you are giving your self a glow up with a new hair style with the Briscoes trimmers OR you are getting ready for a night out with hair straightners or curlers, we have you covered. 

  • Doing your washing: The laundry may seem like the last place you want to be everyday, but as long as you fill it up with a vacuum cleaner, laundry hamper and a clothes airer, it will make your life so much easier.





Dining Sets to Match Your Pinterest Board

Whether you are having a Taco Tuesday or a Sunday night roast with the flatties, family and friends, you will need the perfect dining sets to cater for everyone. You also may be hosting some friends round for a cocktail night or to have a few drinks outside. You will need to shop through all things cocktail glasses and tumblers to meet your guests needs. 

  • Table Settings: Match the home asthetic with matching dining sets, cutlery and table ornaments.


  • The ultimate host: Make sure to hae all the large plates and platters to be the ultimate host with your cheese board and platters for your friends. 





Your Ultimate Dining Starter Pack


If you're after the basics and wanting an easy place to make a start, look no further! We have carefully curated a list of all your dining essentials that are easily forgotton! Add these 10 items from our dining starter pack to ensure you don't burst your budget, but are leaving with the essentials: