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California King Duvet Covers

For those that like to spread out and have a spacious bed, it’s hard to go past a California king. If you’re looking for duvet covers in NZ to fit this size bed, look no further than Briscoes. We have a wide range of bedding options for a California king bed, including duvet covers online. 

Have a better quality night’s sleep with Briscoes

Believe it or not, your duvet cover has a big role to play in a quality night’s sleep. As well as choosing a duvet cover for luxury, consider the current season. Duvet covers, including California king duvet covers, come in a range of thicknesses and fabrics. Some options are better for summer, whereas others are better for winter, like duvet covers made of cotton. We have duvet covers for every season at Briscoes. 

Upgrade the rest of your bedding, too

Why stop at your duvet cover? At Briscoes, we have everything else you need to level up your bed. Choose from duvet inners, pillows, sheet sets and much more. Order online and shop with confidence with fast delivery right to your door. If you’re unsure where to start, head to our Sleep Shop or pop into your local Briscoes store

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about California king duvet covers. 

Will a king duvet cover fit a California king?

A king duvet and California king duvet are two different sizes altogether. As such, you should try to buy a duvet cover that is specially made for either given size duvet. 

What size duvet do I need for a California king?

Generally, a California king duvet is about 285cm by 210cm. For more duvet advice, read our guide that explores what GSM means when it comes to duvets