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King mattress protectors

Your mattress is a big investment. So, it’s smart to look after it with a mattress protector. If you have a king sized bed, we’ve got you covered with a range of king mattress protectors. Views our range online now. 

Mattress protectors made from top quality materials

All of the mattress protectors available at Briscoes are made from top quality materials. The best mattress protectors are breathable, so they aid a good night’s sleep. Choose between all-natural Tencel fibre that is really soft. Or, opt for woollen mattress protectors that are particularly ideal for when it’s cold in winter. View our mattress protectors online now.

Level up your other bedding

At Briscoes, we also have everything else you need to kit out your bed for optimal sleep. Other aspects to consider in your quest for comfort include nice, soft sheets that are suited for the current season. As well as that, a mattress topper can provide additional padding. We have great mattress toppers with memory form or mattress toppers with latex to provide support. Shop our range of bedding online with confidence thanks to our famous price promise

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about king mattress protectors. 

Are you supposed to sleep on mattress protectors?

Yes, you can sleep on a mattress protector without a sheet on top. However, your mattress protector may become damaged quicker over time. 

Do you need a sheet over a mattress protector?

We think putting a sheet on top of your mattress protector is a good idea. This will ensure it lasts a long time. As well as that, a sheet is another line of defence to protect your mattress from liquid and other grime.