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Easter Inspiration

Explore our range of Easter Essentials that you know the whole family will enjoy! Whether you're setting up an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids or enjoying a long lunch with Friends and Family, you know that you will be fully prepared. Check out our carefully curated range of products to get you through this exciting long weekend.

Top Tips to Create the Ultimate Easter Celebration

Here are our 3 Top-Tips to help ensure you enjoy your Easter Sunday and the day runs smoothly for you and your guests. 



Setting The Table


Ensure you are ready to have a large family or friends Easter gathering by setting the table with your favourite holiday table runner, cutlery, dining sets and more.




Pick Your Favourite Recipes


Picking the meals ahead of time will save you any last minute stress on the day. We recommend shopping for all your ingredients early as the shelves may be emptier than ususal. 



Add Your Easter Touch


Easter Eggs double as the perfect table decoration addition! Be sure to satisfy all the chocolate lovers by making an essential trip to your local supermarket ahead of time and pick up loads of chocolate. 

Setting Up Your Annual Lunch

Be sure to set your table before all your guests arrive, this will ensure you at least look prepared before they see the shambles in the kitchen. Meet the Easter aesthetic by having matching dinner sets, cups and cutlery. And don't be afraid to add a pop of colour with some flowers from the garden or your local store, or add some candles to the table for a fresh Autumn scent. 

  • Use matching dinner sets, cups, and cutlery for a cohesive look: Add in a burst of colour with your napkins, flower arrangements and easter egg table display. 
  • Opt for sharing platters: Spruce up your large tables with gorgeous sharing platters, cheese boards and cake stands.
  • Set up for the kids: If you also have some little kids there for the feast and Easter celebration, consider purchasing kid friendly dining sets with fun designs and durable plastic materials.

Easy Easter Cooking

Are you guilty of finding yourself in the Kitchen all day and missing out on many of the festivities? Enjoy Easter this year by pre-planning your dishes and selecting meals you can make in your handy kitchen appliances! Another top tip is to try meal prep in the days leading up to Easter, so you have less to do on the actual day. Shop our range of Kitchen Appliances that will ease the stress of Easter hosting and ensure you whip up some tasty treats!

  • Bread Makers: Make your famous Hot Cross Buns! These are a beloved Easter tradition. With a bread maker, you can effortlessly mix, knead, and bake these spiced, fruity buns. The aroma of freshly baked buns will fill your home, adding to the festive atmosphere.

  • Slow Cookers: To make your slow roasted Leg of Lamb with all the delicious jus. Slow cookers are a game-changer for tender, succulent meats. The slow, gentle cooking process allows flavours to meld, resulting in melt-in-your-mouth meals. Plus, you can set it and forget it, freeing up your time for other Easter activities.

  • Air Fryers: Preparing crispy and healthier meals for the whole family has never been easier. Air fryers are a versatile kitchen appliance that ensures delicious results within minutes! These are perfect for heating up quick snacks, preparing your entire Easter Feast, and the clean up is so quick and easy!

  • Deep FryersAdd some hot chips to the kids meal. Deep fryers are perfect for achieving that classic crispy texture in French fries or potato wedges. Whether you’re serving them as a side or a snack, the deep fryer ensures consistent results and saves you from standing over a pot of hot oil.


Drinks and Nibbles

Welcome your guests with a glass of wine, cocktails or a beer to guarantee they will enjoy their day celebrating with friends and family. While the kids do their Easter hunt, you and your friends can relax for the long weekend with a refreshing beverage and nibbles. 

  • Cocktail making: Spice up the cocktails you make to have an Easter twist with a chocolate egg on top or stick with the classic Margarita or Gin & Tonic if you wish. 

  • Platter making: You can lay out a platter of all your favourite goodies before your Sunday lunch. Add some salami, crackers and cheese to compliment your drink of choice for the day. 

Long Weekend Relaxation

After your big Easter celebrations, you will also want to settle down and enjoy your extra day off work which may entail lying in bed all day and watching your favourite Netflix shows. To enjoy this day, be sure to set up your relaxing spot for the day with all things bedding, blankets and comforters to ensure you have a nice Easter holiday.

  • Lying in bed kind of day: By preparing for the long weekend and shopping through all the duvet sets, blankets and sheets, you will ensure you have a cosy Easter holiday in bed before you go back to work for a short week of chaos. 

  • Personal Care kind of day: Enjoy all things self-care as you treat yourself with a foot spa, massage and essential oils. With everything on your plate, the first thing you will want to enjoy these holidays is some self-relaxation treatment. 

Easter Essentials at Briscoes.


Briscoes has everything you need to create an enchanting Easter celebration the whole family will love. Create a magical morning breakfast with one of our waffle makers, or try our hot cross bun recipe using a bread maker or benchtop oven. Briscoes has an appliance to help with meal preparation from start to finish.

Briscoes also makes baking a breeze with Wiltshire silicone supplies and PFOA free trays and pans. Check out the range of glassware, dinnerware, and napery to meet your Easter needs. Be innovative with one of our storage baskets, perfect for your Easter egg hunt!

Don't forget to enjoy the long weekend and treat yourself with a new duvet cover, throw rug or even a silk eye mask. Fast shipping and our price beat guarantee mean you can shop from Briscoes with confidence.