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Robot Vacuums

Cleaning your floors has never been easier! With robot vacuums, you can make your floors spick and span without moving a muscle. Check out our range at Briscoes to find some of the best robot vacuum cleaners for sale in New Zealand. 

Best vacuum cleaner for busy lives

If you have a hectic lifestyle, vacuuming is the last thing you want to spend time doing. With a robot vacuum cleaner, you can schedule it to clean at any time from anywhere. Simply download the app and press a button to control your robot vacuum cleaner. They can often recharge themselves and can be great to run frequently if you have pets that shed a lot. With floor tracking sensors, a robot vacuum cleaner knows exactly where to go for an efficient, logical floor cleaning session. 

Shop the best Robot Vacuum Cleaners at Briscoes

Shop robot vacuum cleaners at Briscoes and check this chore off your list forever. At Briscoes, we make it simple for you to buy online, with fast shipping. We also offer buy now, pay later options and the option to Click & Collect from your nearest store

Frequently asked questions

Your commonly asked questions about robot vacuum cleaners. 

Is it worth having a robot vacuum?

If you want to spend less time doing chores and spend more time doing the things you love, purchasing a robot vacuum is definitely worth it. It can also be a lifesaver for those with animals that shed a lot, as you can schedule it to run as frequently as you need. Not to mention, they are also pretty compact and won’t take up much space in your home. 

Which brand of robot vacuum is the best?

At Briscoes, we make sure to stock only the best brands. One of our bestselling brands is the iRobot Roomba, with incredible robot vacuums available.