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A Guide for First Home Buyers

Moving into your first home is an exciting milestone, and a time to celebrate. Goodbye are the days of Landlords and not being able to put nails into the walls. During this time there is also a lot to consider, even before you begin packing boxes. Knowing how to decorate your home - whilst still being on a budget - can be hard. We have carefully curated a first home buyers guide to help you get started.




Tips to Get You Started

Here are our top 3 tips to help get you started on the big move. From how to pick the perfect colour palette for your new space, to necessities often forgotten - we've got you covered.



Keeping your old Furniture?

Try mixing your old pieces with some fresh finds. Pick out some smaller items that make a house feel more like home. From fresh napery & dinnerware to pair with an old dining table, to fresh linens for your bed. Add candles, vases and other decor pieces. These little details will make your space feel like new and your old furniture refreshed.

  • Creating an Art Collection: although it can take time to create a dream art collection, this doesn't mean your walls must go bare. Consider purchasing frames & filling these with posters or photos yourself, or other wall hangings to get your collection started

  • Affordable Styling: One of easiest and least expensive ways to refresh the look of a room is to change the accessories. Bring in rugs, new lighting, pillows and other decor

  • Separating Spaces: Need to break up a space or a cheaper way to cover hard flooring? Choose Area Rugs. These can be used as versatile pieces that add personality and texture to a room. They can break up a space into sections & are an inexpensive decorating tool