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Furnishing Tips During Spring

Spring has fast approached! Now is a great time to add some new furnishings to your rooms to add some spice and freshness to your space.
We have put together 4 tips for furnishing your space with our range available to shop below.



Our Range

We offer a wide range of styles from our furnishings range. With different colours of throws and cushions you're bound to find something to suit your style. We have some fun kids' furnishings to check out too!





Kids Cushions & Throws


Tip 1

Change out the cushions in any room for ones with a cheerful, colourful pattern for a simple spring update. Add unexpected colour accents and decor that reflects light. Bright blues, greens, and whites can be used to give a space the natural, springtime feel. By adding a vibrant rug to the room, you can lay the foundation for the season's hues.





Tip 2

Spruce it up and add some elegance! Try mix it up with different types of textures and patterns! Additional layers of interest are added by combining complementary colours and patterns in throws and cushions. The finished product is a room that is delightfully cosy in any season. Don't forget your kid's rooms too, try some new fun colours or let them pick some new cushions and throws!




Tip 3

It's not just about enhancing your current design with spring decor; it's also about decluttering. If you're determined to spring clean, take advantage of the chance to visually organise your space. Examine your display items once more and decide if there are too many of them cluttering up your space. Have a look at our Cleaning Hot Tips and Storage Solutions Guides.