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Top 10 Picks For Father's Day

As Father's Day quickly approaches, are you still undecided on the best present for your dad? Briscoes has suggested 10 perfect gifts for your dad for both the winter season and the quickly approaching summer outdoor season. 




1. Mens Shavers & Grooming Kits

Not every dad has their local barber just around the corner from their home so why not buy him a kit that makes it easy to have a home grooming session whenever he needs it?

There are many different brands, types and styles that Briscoes stocks that you can choose from which include haircut kits, shavers and any additional accessories that may be needed to help your dad or partner out. 





2. Gift Card

Are you unsure what to get your dad for Father's Day and you're just wanting to make it easy for yourself by jumping online or in store to purchase a gift card? He can then have a look around for himself and choose what he would want, rather than having the hassle of a return or exchange if he doesn't like what you buy. 

A Gift Card will always be an appropriate present for anyone on any occasion if you are either a last minute person and have no gift ideas or you are stuck on ideas for what to get them.



3. BBQ & Accessories

Summer is on its way! If you are wanting to splurge on your dad or a significant other for Father's Day and you know he has been wanting a BBQ for while, why not surprise him with this huge gift? Or even if they already have a BBQ at home and haven't had an accessory refresh in a while, you could purchase all things BBQ covers and utensils to help make him all equipt for spring and summer. 

BBQs come in all shapes, types and sizes so be sure to check out our buying guide HERE to see what BBQ is best for you to purchase!






4. Frypans & Woks

For the dad that likes to cook in the kitchen!

Does he enjoy refreshing his non-stick frypans every year, or he likes to feel even fancier with the cast iron cookware? Be sure to be the one to refresh his kitchenware with brands from your favourie chefs Simon Gault and Jamie Oliver to your well known brands of Brabantia and Tefal. 



5. Knives

Shop all things Knives!

With a range of Knife Sets, Kitchen Knives, Knife Sharpeners and Knife Blocks, you can't get it wrong to help your dad this Father's Day with a knife refresh. Even if your dad isn't the biggest fan of being in the kitchen, I'm sure he is a fan of being in the outdoors maybe hunting and fishing or having a BBQ in the afternoon with friends and family? These will all come in handy for any event!






6. Tea & Coffee

You know your dad can't survive without his cup of coffee every morning and his cup of tea with a slice of chocolate every night after dinner!

Need help on the best coffee machine to purchase for you? Find out more information HERE on the ideal one to buy for Father's Day. 



7. Barware

Everyone knows how much dads love a good old Bourbon & Coke or Whiskey on a Saturday night or Beer and chips on a Friday night after work. Be sure to update your dads barware collection with all things whiskey decanters, wine carafes and wine decanters.

Even if your dad already has all the wine, beer and whiskey neccesities, you can add to his collection because you can never have too many barware items!






8. NutriBullet & Magic Bullet

Is your Dad really into working out, the gym, health and fitness or just loves his smoothies and juices? The NutriBullets and Magic Bullets are ideal to whip up your everyday smoothie, pre or post workout drink or juice.

There are many different types and sizes to discover whether he is wanting a smaller cup to take to the gym or work in the morning or he his the one to make enough for the whole family in the weekends. 




9. Massagers & Foot Spa

Any massagers or foot spas are ideal after a long day of work sitting at an office chair, at the construction site or walking around in retail all day! Your dad may want a massage all the time from his significant other or kids and you may be over it!

With purchasing a massage gun or foot spa for your dad, this will take away his pain and stress after long days and maybe even after a harder workout at the gym. 






10. Bags/Business Bags

Does he have an office job and he is carrying around a briefcase all day, every day and it is the same one he's had for years? Or maybe he even swaps his bag out every year but it is now time to do that, so why not help him out and find him a new laptop bag or briefcase!

Briscoes also has many different types of bags, some small wheely bags, backpacks or business bags which you can take on a short business trip or as a carry on for an overseas trip. This could be ideal with the borders finally opening up and the trips start to become more of a regular occurence.