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Top 30 Items To Keep In Your Carry-On Luggage

There are no two ways about it; long-haul flights can be a drag. Especially travelling from New Zealand, long-haul flights can be over 14 hours at a time in the air without touching down. Don’t let that put you off travelling, however. Preparing and packing the right things in your travel bag or carry-on luggage can help make the smooth flight sailing. 

We’re proud of our wide range of baggage options at Briscoes. This includes our mini backpacks, wheeled travel bags and other hand luggage options that make ideal cabin bags. But once you’ve got your new carry-on luggage bags, what do you put in them? Let’s find out!

1. Slippers or slides

You may enjoy wearing comfortable slides and slippers around home. But have you considered enjoying this same comfort 12,000 feet in the air? While on a long-haul flight, you’ll be sitting down for long periods. However, it’s recommended that you get up and stretch your legs when you can, and it’s safe to do so. You may even want to wear your slippers on and off of your flight to save room in your carry-on luggage. 


2. Small first aid kit

Accidents and medical events happen, even on long-haul flights. Yes, airline staff will have a first aid kit and medical supplies. However, it can be good to also pack a small first kit in your cabin bag. That way, you can easily and quickly look after yourself and your family for more minor matters. Just be sure to remove any scissors or sharp objects. 

3. Money or bank cards

You may not think you’d need cash on a flight. However, many flights, both domestic and long haul, have things you can purchase. From entertainment to additional food and beverages on top of what is already part of your ticket, you never know what you’ll be craving up in the air. Pack your wallet in a side pouch of your mini suitcase, carry-on backpack or other carry-on luggage, so it’s easy to get to. 

4. Power bank

You may have heard stories of airport security disposing of battery banks. Generally, this is because the power bank is in the traveller's main suitcase or it doesn’t meet size requirements. You can take most power banks in your backpack or carry-on suitcase on a flight. Especially if you don’t have the proper connection to charge your devices on the plane, a power bank can be useful. 


5. Good eye mask

Sleep can be hard to come by on a long-haul flight. Thankfully, you can do plenty of things to help get some shut-eye. The cabin lights may dim when it’s meant to be nighttime, but it can still be bright between other passengers’ reading lights and neighbouring screens. Yes, some flights provide an eye mask, but these are often of poor quality, small and don’t do what they’re meant to do. 

6. Medication

When changing time zones on a long-haul flight, tracking and taking your regular medication can be difficult. In the first instance, we recommend contacting your doctor for advice on transitioning. However you choose to approach it, you’ll probably need to take some of your daily medications while up in the air. For this reason, keep it in your carry-on luggage to keep it at the right temperature and easy to get to.

7. Itinerary

You'll probably feel pretty jaded when you arrive at your destination after a long-haul flight. For this reason, having your itinerary on hand in your cabin bag or carry-on backpack can be a smart idea. This way, when you arrive, you know where you’re going and what to do. Plus, it’s fun to chat with your travel group about your upcoming exciting holiday!

8. Passport

It may seem like a no-brainer for some, but you’ll want to keep your passport on your person or at least in your backpack or carry-on suitcase. You’ll need to show your passport on arrival at your destination for international flights. So, it’s important to have it handy. Plus, your passport is also a good form of ID.  

9. A book or tablet

Especially if you’re only taking a domestic flight, there may not be free inflight entertainment. Sure, you can pay to watch a movie in some cases. But, it can be cost-effective to download your favourite series or film to your tablet. Or better yet, what about a book to read? If you’re travelling for work or taking your laptop, you could benefit from a laptop bag to take as your cabin bag.