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Meet Shelley

We've partnered with award-winning interior designer and stylist Shelley Ferguson to help Kiwis turn their homes into luxury havens, in a very accessible way.
Watch as Shelley shares her top styling tips, as well as work with other Kiwis, to create beautiful places to live and most importantly, sleep.

How To Make a Bed

Shelley shows us how to create that perfectly made bed, making for a comfortable and calm bedroom oasis.


Sleep well knowing Hotel at Home products are made with sustainability in mind. This has been embraced in the cotton used in bed linen, the RDS Certified down, worker care and choice of packaging.

— Discover More with our Guides & Advice —

Sheets Buying Guide

The right set of sheets can make a huge difference to how your bed feels and to your quality of sleep. Discover our range to suit every need!

Pillows Buying Guide

Are you a side, back or tummy sleeper? Find the perfect pillow to suit your sleeping style. Discover our range of fills and shapes that will aid your sleep and stop those restless nights.

How to Wash a Duvet Inner

The average person sleeps for 8 hours a day, which equates to one-third of their life. This is a lot of time, so knowing how to care for your bedding is essential.

Protecting your Mattress

Extend the life of your mattress by using a protector, topper or underlay. These bedding essentials work to keep your mattress clean, & protect it from moisture.

Picking the best Duvet Inner

Our range explained. Find the duvet fill that's best for you. From trans-seasonal layering, to winter specific. Add warmth, or stay cool with our wide range.

Duvet Cover Buying Guide

There are so many different options to choose from, depending on what you’re after. Duvet covers serve both a practical, and aesthetic purpose.

Hotel at Home with Shelley

Welcome to "At Home with Shelley," where interior design meets unparalleled comfort and style. Join Shelley Ferguson, acclaimed interior designer and proud ambassador for Hotel at Home, as she unveils her exquisite styling secrets using our premium bedding collection.

Discover how Shelley transforms bedrooms into luxurious sanctuaries with our sumptuous range of bedding essentials. From elegant sheets crafted from Sateen to plush pillows and sumptuous duvet covers, Shelley's expertise will guide you through creating the perfect retreat for rest and relaxation.

Explore Shelley's curated selection of duvet inners, mattress toppers, and towels, meticulously tailored to elevate your home to five-star hotel standards. Immerse yourself in the opulence of Hotel at Home as Shelley shares her tips and tricks for achieving the epitome of sophistication and tranquility in every corner of your space.

Step into Shelley's world of design and comfort with "At Home with Shelley," and embark on a journey to transform your home into a haven of luxury and bliss. Indulge in the ultimate indulgence in comfort and luxury with Hotel at Home.