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Food Sealers

Whether you’re tired of your food spoiling too quickly and causing excessive waste or simply because you want to keep your food fresher for longer, these inventive vacuum food sealers are the answer. Get yours from Briscoes today.

Keep food fresher and safer with vacuum sealer technology. 

Never be afraid to buy in bulk again with the revolutionary technology of household vacuum food sealers. Vacuum sealers remove most of the oxygen from your food to starve the oxygen-dependent bacteria that cause it to spoil. This means that you can keep your food fresh for up to 5 times longer! 

Vacuum food sealers don’t just extend the life of your food. You can also use them to prepare and cook meals. Marinate foods inside a vacuum sealed bag and/or cook your food inside the bags for sous-vide style cooking. The vacuum sealing process also compacts your food and prevents leakage, so you can store more in your fridge without mess. 

Browse vacuum food sealers in NZ from leading brands at Briscoes  

When you buy a vacuum food sealer from Briscoes, you’re guaranteed to get one from the most reputable brands in New Zealand. We stock vacuum food sealers from the best names in food technology, including FoodSaver and Russell Hobbs.

Briscoes is an iconic New Zealand brand that continues to offer competitively priced, quality homewares to New Zealand shoppers. Browse our containers for more food storage solutions, or simply purchase your new vacuum food sealer now.