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Hampton & Mason Glass Storage Canister 1.22Lt Rectangular



Pure Box Active boxes are next-generation creations that make your daily life easier. Perfectly airtight thanks to their clip lid an d completely anti-transfer and anti-bacterial thanks to their tempered glass body, they're just right for your office lunch boxes, bentos with friends or home-made dishes.

  • Great for small spaces: these boxes that can be stacked with their lids on
  • Great for dishwashers: the airtight silicone seal can be removed to ensure perfect washing with no residue
  • Capacity: 1.22 Litres 

Care Instructions:

  • Wash thoroughly before use
  • Dishwasher safe. If hand washed, do not use abrasives, scourers/powders; preferably use a sponge. Avoid sharp objects for cleaning.
  • Not for use on stove tops/hobs and microwaves will grill or crisping functions. Avoid using for heating foods that are high fat/sugars (temperature can reach 200 degrees)
  • Avoid thermal shock above 135 degrees. To prevent these important and sudden temperature changes, slowly heat and cool your glass container.
  • After oven use place the hot glassware on a dry surface.
  • Don't pour cold liquids into a hot glass container.
  • Always use hand glove to take your hot glass container out of the microwave or oven.
  • Remove lid during oven use. Avoid closing the valve immediately when the food is still hot.
  • Suitable for use in refrigerators and freezers (max -20 degrees) use with cover and valve closed.
  • Avoid putting a container exceeding 3/4 of liquid in the freezer.
  • Only stack with the lid on.
  • The silicone gasket in the air valve and the strips in the lid can be removed to wash.


Customer Reviews
Based on 5 reviews
    Great containers. Kids are great too.
    I brought a few of these containers to cook lunch and dinners for a few days in advance and to store some cooked food in the freezer as well. I find them very useful as they can be used in the microwave as well.One downside, not very good for liquids as it leaks if they get flipped.Very pleased with how fast delivery went.Thank you
    Handy size, easy to use, clean & store
    Great containers. Will buy more.
    Love them! Great for leftovers and freezing.