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Goldair EcoSave Fibre Panel Heater with WiFi GECO270


Ecosave panel heaters use convection and radiant technology to draw cold air in and radiate warm air out, using less electricity than other room heaters. Wall mountable and light weight, they are easy to install and have a paintable surface to match any decor.With Goldair’s WiFi Enabled GECO270 you can easily adjust and monitor the temperature of your heater while setting and maintaining timers, from anywhere in your house, all from your smart phone. Simply download the Goldair App and connect.

• Economical 425Watts (Most other Heaters use around 2000W)

• WiFi to enable connection to the Goldair App

• Paintable Surface for Personal Customisation

• Easy Wall Mountable Installation

• Simple and Easy on/off switch

• Perfect heating with Silent Operation

• 3 Year Warranty

Customer Reviews
Based on 3 reviews
    Wifi app only works if connection is 2 g or below so total waste of money
    Perfect for keeping a medium sized room at a moderate temperature. Have been using it for my daughters room and have found it to be perfect. would not recommend for heating a big space but it is perfect for smaller rooms which is exactly what i wanted it for.
    abserlouty ueless woodent heat a dolls house