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Goldair Platinum Anti-Bacterial Electric Blanket Queen GPEBAB-Q


Made from 100% premium cotton, the fabric used in the GPEBAB SleepSmart series has softness and breathability allowing increased airflow through the mattress and electric blanket for a fresher sleep.

The SleepSmart Electric Blanket is designed to eliminate 99% of the Staphylococcus Aureas bacterium on contact, which is a common cause of skin infections and respiratory disease.

The antibacterial agent used to treat the fabric is safe for the whole family and the environment.

Designed for everyday use, the SleepSmart Electric Blanket has detachable controllers for easy machine washability.


        o Detachable controller with 3 heat settings
        o Antibacterial treated fabric made from breathable and lightweight                  100% cotton
        o Waterproof connector detachable for machine washability
        o Blanket Dimensions 153cm x 203cm + 50cm skirt

3 Year Warranty

Customer Reviews
Based on 3 reviews
    After a few weeks, one of the controls stopped working. Had it replaced with the same model, then after 2 weeks of use, same fault.
    Same problem. It has stopped working left side after 1 month . I have returned to store .
    After two months of usage one side stopped working unfortunately.