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Pursonic I9 Vacuum White 10001269



This item is shipped from Australia so may take up to 5-10 business days to be delivered

Keep your home looking spotless and clean with the Pursonic i9 2-in-1 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Mop.

This all-surface robot cleaner has a handy mop function to keep your floors looking spotless, germ-free and reduces airborne allergens.

The quiet, powerful 1800w brushless suction motor will propel the cleaner around your home cleaning efficiently with two side brushes and powerful suction of up to 1.2Kpa to efficiently remove debris and pet hair in hard to reach corners.

Back to base and anti-collision technology means you never have to worry about the Pursonic i9 battery running out. The ninety-minute runtime of the robotic vacuum is ample time to clean most houses.

This robotic vacuum offers both peace of mind and a more thorough clean, all in a press of a button.

- Brand: Pursonic
- Vacuuming, dry and wet mopping capabilities
- Twin brush design: Two brushes combined with gyroscopic navigation for efficient, precise cleaning.
- Intelligent anti-collision and anti-fall system: The Infrared Sensors detects and avoids areas such as stairs and obstacles which may interrupt its cleaning
- 3D Filter + HEPA filter: With the 3D Filter, the Pursonic avoids suction blockage during cleaning while the HEPA filter handles smaller dirt particles, allergens and bacteria
- Automatic cleaning and charging function: It will automatically return to the docking station to recharge when it reaches low battery
- Large Dustin and Water Tank Capacities: 0.9L dustbin and separate 0.65L water tank for a longer-lasting and deeper clean of the home
- Scheduling: Set and forget for daily cleaning or use the remote control to activate the bot to clean when you leave the house. Return home to a spotless floor
- Allergy and Pet Friendly: The automatic vacuum cleaner’s air filter keeps fine dust particles trapped inside 0.90L removable dustbin. The powerful brushless motor provides the suction, quickly picking up pet hair.
- Available in Black and White

- Product Size: 35cm x 8.75cm
- Product Weight: 2.8kg
- Battery: 2200 mAh Lithion Ion (Li-Ion)
- Dustbin Capacity: 0.9 Litres
- Smart Water Tank Capacity: 0.65 Litres
- IR Remote Control: 38KHZ
- Battery Length: 1.5 Hours (90 Minutes) full charge
- Charging Time: 4-6 Hours
- Suction Power: 24-40 W
- Operating Temperature: -10 Degrees Celsius to 45 Degrees Celsius
- Input Voltage/Current: DC 24V/ 0.5A
- Rated Voltage: DC 14.8V
- Rated Power: 30W

Package Contents:
- 1 x Pursonic i9 Vacuum
- 1 x Charging Dock Station
- 1 x Magnetic Strip
- 1 x Remote Control (Requires 2 x AAA batteries – Included)
- 1 x AC Adapter
- 1 x Cleaning Brush Tool
- 1 x Trailing Bar
- 2 x Mopping Pads
- 1 x Dustbin
- 1 x Water Tank
- 1 x User Manual
- 2 x Side Brushes
- 1 x HEPA Filter


This item is shipped from Australia so may take up to 5-10 business days to be delivered


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