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Panasonic Speaker TMAX40GSK



Get ready to elevate your party experience with the Panasonic Speaker TMAX40GSK. With its powerful bass, versatile features, and user-friendly design, it's the perfect choice for those who want to turn up the volume and create unforgettable memories.

Introducing the Panasonic Speaker TMAX40GSK – the ultimate powerhouse that will take your parties to the next level. Get ready to experience booming bass that shakes the ground and an array of features designed to meet all your party needs.

  • Powerful 1200W (RMS 30%) Output: The SC-TMAX40GSK delivers a staggering 1200W of power to fill any space with impressive sound. Feel the music come alive with its high-quality audio performance.
  • AIRQUAKE BASS: Experience the robust bass and resonance that parties demand. The TMAX40GSK is equipped with AIRQUAKE BASS technology, including a 20cm super woofer with dual drive, to enhance deeper bass and create an immersive audio experience that can be felt under your feet.
  • MAX Juke App: Take control of your party like a professional DJ with the Panasonic MAX Juke App. This easy-to-use application connects to the speaker via Bluetooth® Wireless Technology, expanding the capabilities of your system. Enjoy features like playlist creation, DJ effects, and smartphone control, allowing you to curate the perfect playlist and keep the party going all night long.
  • Structure of AIRQUAKE BASS: The unique structure of the speaker includes two ports that push the air pressure forward, amplifying the bass sound to a level that can be physically felt. This design is particularly effective in the 50-60Hz range, ensuring a powerful and immersive bass experience.
  • Dual Drive System: The TMAX40GSK features a Dual Drive System that utilizes a Dual Voice Coil and two amps to drive a single woofer. This setup produces highly powerful sound with enhanced clarity and depth, making your music truly come alive.
  • Karaoke Function: Unleash your inner superstar with the TMAX40GSK's karaoke capabilities. The main unit is equipped with two mic jacks, allowing you to sing duets with family and friends. Enhance your singing experience with features like Vocal Cancel, Key Control, Tempo Control*, BGM Level Control, Mic EQ, and Echo function, creating professional-quality karaoke effects that will impress your audience.
  • Warranty and Weight: The Panasonic Speaker TMAX40GSK comes with a 1-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind and customer satisfaction. With a weight of 17.5kg, it is sturdy and robust, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Remote Control and FM Radio: The speaker includes a remote control for convenient operation from a distance. Additionally, enjoy listening to your favorite radio stations with the built-in FM tuner, which can store up to 30 stations for easy access.
  • Dimensions: The speaker has a compact design with dimensions of 305 x 804 x 326 mm, making it easy to fit into any space without compromising on sound quality or performance.



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