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Reed Diffuser Safety & Care

Reed Diffuser Care

1. Where to place your Kinship by Ecoya reed diffuser

Keep the reed diffuser in a shaded, cool spot. Sunlit areas like along
a windowsill or above a heater will dry out and evaporate the oil
and reeds quicker.

Another tip for preserving your reed diffuser is to place it away
from drafty spaces where the fragrance will ultimately get lost
(e.g. doorways, windows, air conditioning).

2. Set up

Unscrew the cap and remove the plastic stopper from the decanter.
Place reeds into the decanter and replace the cap.

Let the fragrance oil absorb into the reeds, and naturally diffuse
the scent into the room. The fragrance will continue to evaporate
into the air around it, creating a constant ambiance.

Reed Diffuser Safety

Reed diffusers should be kept on a higher shelf or surface, well out
of reach of children and animals.

Do not allow oil to come into contact with skin, furniture, fabrics or
finished wood/enamel surfaces. If contact does occur, rinse
thoroughly with soap and water.