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King Single Mattress Protectors

If you want to protect your king single bed, we’ve got you sorted at Briscoes. In fact, we have some of the best mattress protectors in NZ. Shop our range of king single mattress protectors online now. 

Reap the benefits of a mattress protector

At Bricoes, we’re proud to offer nearly everything bedding related. A mattress protector is one of the key parts of a bed for a more comfortable bed and to protect your mattress. A mattress is a big investment, so you want to ensure it lasts the distance. A waterproof mattress protector can be ideal for preventing sweat from seeping through. 

Choose from mattress protectors for all sized beds

Whatever the size of your bed, we have the mattress protector for you. This includes queen mattress protectors, king single mattress protectors and even single mattress protectors. It doesn’t matter the size of your bed, it’s worth protecting your mattress. Another option for overall comfort is a mattress topper. At Briscoes, we also have a range of fantastic options, including mattress toppers with memory foam and mattress toppers with latex. 

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about king single mattress protectors. 

Will a single mattress protector fit a king single?

We recommend getting the right sized mattress protector for your bed. Otherwise, not all the mattress will be protected, and your bed may look uneven. 

Are bed protectors worth it?

We think so! A mattress protector will not only help to prolong the life of your mattress, but it can also help for a better night’s sleep, given how comfortable they are.