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Tab Top Curtains 

There’s something truly unique about the style of tab top curtains. Using fabric instead of hooks to connect to your curtain rod means these curtains look fantastic in modern and traditional properties. The versatility of tab top curtains also makes them perfect for any room in your home. View our range of tab top curtains online or at your nearest Briscoes. If you’re looking to buy tab top curtains online, shop with confidence with our price beat guarantee.

Frequently asked questions

Your commonly asked questions about tab top curtains. 

How do you measure tab top curtains? 

This is a very similar process to measuring for any other type of curtains. Read our guide on how to measure curtains and blinds for more information. 

What is a tab top curtain? 

The main factor that makes tab top curtains unique is the loops of fabric that act as hooks along the top. This style has been very desirable for years.