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Curtain & Blinds Guide - How to measure up

All our curtains follow the same 'width x drop' sizing to make it easier to find drapes in the size you need.

Briscoes ready-made curtains are sold in pairs. The size given refers to each individual curtain, so if you buy a pair of curtains measuring 110cm x 160cm you will receive two curtains each with the same measurement of width 110cm x 160cm length.

Curtain width measurements will depend on the length of your curtain track or pole, but measuring the curtain length or 'drop' will be determined by where you'd like your drapes to end.

Use a metal tape measure for better accuracy and follow our guide on how to measure for curtains to get those dimensions right!

Measuring for a curtain track or pole

If you don't already have a track or pole in place, we recommend fitting one before you measure for curtains.

Measure the width of the window and add 30-40cm, this will ensure your curtains will comfortably cover your window. Fit your track or pole approximately 15cm above your window recess and centred ensuring you have 15-20cm either side of the window.

Measuring for curtain width

1.Measure Your Curtain Track or Pole
curtain track

Curtain Track

Measure its full length, end to end.

curtain pole

Curtain Pole

Measure the pole length, not including the finials (the decorative pieces on the end).

2. find the right pair of curtains for your track

Our curtain pairs cover a range of track sizes, so look out for the indicator on packs in store:

one pair 150cm - 230cm

Or if you are shopping online, click on "Size Guide" once you have selected the curtain design you require.
one pair 230cm - 300cm

Measuring for curtain length

1. Decide where your curtains will end
sill length

Sill Length

End 1.25cm above the windowsill.

below sill length

Below sill

End 15cm below the windowsill.

floor length

Floor Length

End 1.25cm above the floor.

If you have a wall mounted heater below your window end your curtains 3cm above the heater to allow the heat to circulate into the room rather than rising up behind your curtains.

2. Measure the drop

Depending on your choice of fitting and curtain type, measure as follows:

measure track drop

Curtain track

Measure from the top of the track to your chosen end point. Our Pencil Pleat curtains have a header tape with 3 rows on which to attach your hooks. This allows you to adjust your curtains up or down by about 2cm by using the other rows.

measure pole drop

Curtain Pole with Eyelet Curtains

If you're putting eyelet curtains on a pole you won't need to use curtain rings. The eyelets on the curtain slip directly onto the pole, so measure from the top of the pole to your chosen end point.

measure pencil pleat drop

Curtain Pole with Pencil Pleat Curtains

If you're fitting pencil pleats on a pole, use the curtain rings that come in the pole pack. Measure from just below the pole, as this is where your curtains will hang after you've put the hooks into the loops on the curtain rings.

Measure at Multiple points

Windowsills and floors are not always level, so measure at 2 or 3 points and use the smallest measurement to ensure the best fit.