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How To Style A Christmas Tree

Christmas is around the corner and it is about time to start styling your tree for the year! We have suggested our top tips to ensure you are able to design your tree even better than last year because in reality it is easier said than done. 



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Get a tree

Before we start the styling tips for your tree, you need to make sure you choose the right tree! Be sure to purchase a sturdy tree which you know will be reliable to support all your decorations whether that be baubles, ribbons, lights, or the works! If you purchase an artificial tree, you will be able to use the same one year on year, you can get one that is a traditional design which will never go out of date.







Design around a theme

Your Christmas tree is always going to look better with a theme whether that is going with the silver and gold, many different colours and designs or the black and silver, you will want to determine a theme to ensure your tree is exactly how you want it and looking pretty for the day when Santa comes! Maybe you did a gold and silver look last year and all your decorations are to match that theme, you could now decide to change it up this year by keeping either the gold or silver and adding another colour, maybe red or blue. Be sure to search your pinterest board for all the fun themes you could try this Christmas!




Start with the lights

Once you have decided on a theme, it is now time for the lights! Matching the lights to the theme will be pretty simple because you can either purchase colourful ones, or you can get the yellow or white lights too. Maybe mix and match? It's all down to you! Just ensure you stick to the theme so all your decorations will match the lights.






Add the decorations

Now for decoration time! From baubles to ribbons to all other ornaments, your tree is going to be glowing this holiday season. Firstly, ensure your tree is well balanced. You don't want all the lights on one side and all the decor on another and call it a day. Spread everything out and work your way from the top of the tree down to the bottom. Secondly, we recommend clustering different size baubles around each other or just spread them out as you please. You can now layer in the ribbons around the tree once you've added all the other ornaments!

And TA DA! Your tree is done in 4 simple steps




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