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How to wash and care for pillows

We spend around 8 hours per day resting our heads against pillows, so, it’s vital that they are washed regularly. As we sleep, we’re not just resting, we’re sweating and shedding skin cells. While that’s maybe not the nicest thought in the world, it highlights the importance of washing and caring for your pillows. Throughout this process, your pillow is absorbing everything your body is getting rid of. And, If that doesn’t make you want to chuck your pillows in the washing machine, nothing will! If you’re wondering how you can best wash and care for your pillows, we’ve got you covered.  In this guide, we will show you step-by-step how to wash your pillows properly. Here’s a brief overview of what we will be covering. 

Why you should wash your pillows

How often should you wash your pillows 

Can you put pillows in the washing machine? 

How to wash pillows in the washing machine  

How to spot-treat pillows 

How to care for your pillows 

The range of pillows available at Briscoes 

Let’s get started!

But first, why should you wash your pillows?

Think about how much people tend to sweat throughout the night. And, this sweat seeps into our pillows, yuck! Although your pillow should always be protected by a pillowcase, it’s not enough to stop sweat and bacteria from being absorbed into your pillow as you sleep. Sweat and bacteria build up in your pillows over time can contribute to a number of conditions, such as acne and allergies. Aside from this, bad odours can also occur if you leave your pillows untreated. Washing your pillows regularly protects your skin and also keeps your pillows fresher for longer. So, we’re here to show you just how easy it is to wash your pillows, read on for more.

How often should you wash your pillows?

You’re probably wondering how often you should wash your pillows and you’re not alone! So many people go long periods of time without washing their pillows. when in reality, it’s recommended that you wash your pillows every 3-6 months. At the very least, you should be washing your pillows twice per year. So, if you’re reading this and you think it’s time to give your pillows a deep clean, keep reading. 

Can you put pillows in the washing machine?

We know what you’re thinking, and, the answer is yes, most pillows can be washed in your washing machine. If your pillows are made from cotton, down or with synthetic filling, you can probably pop them in a machine wash. But, it’s important to check the care label on your pillow for specific instructions. If the washing instructions on the label differ from the advice in this guide, be sure to follow the care label. Some pillows may specify dry clean only, in which case you should add a trip to the drycleaners with your pillows to your spring cleaning to-do list.