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You'll likely need to take many belongings when heading away on an overseas or domestic trip. Clothing, toiletries, and your laptop may all be things you’ll need to keep in your luggage. Thankfully, we’ve got a wide range of suitcases and carry on luggage options to help. 

Take your home comforts on the road

At Briscoes, we want to help make your travelling as stress free as possible. That’s why our suitcases and luggage bags are durable to ensure your belongings arrive safe and sound. We’ve got suitcases for any sized trip, from large suitcases, to carry on suitcases and even kid's suitcases. Whatever you need, we can help.

Protect what matters

Our range of luggage and baggage doesn’t stop at suitcases. Whatever you’re carting for A to B, we can help get it there. We have a selection of top quality business bags, messenger backs and even handbags and wallets. If you need direction on which options are best for you, read our bags and luggage buying guide

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about suitcases. 

Which are the best suitcases to buy?

This depends on your preference, budget and the circumstances of your travel. Briscoes has some of the best suitcases from top brands, including Skyway and International Traveller. 

Are soft or hard suitcases better?

It depends on what you want from your luggage. A hard suitcase may be more durable and better at protecting your items. However, it may be harder to store as it doesn’t have any flex.