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Satchel Bags

Sometimes called a messenger bag, a satchel bag has a certain look that is very popular. But a satchel bag in NZ isn’t just about appearance. A satchel bag is also very convenient and can sometimes even be used as a laptop travel bag.

Travel in style and comfort with a satchel bag

Often slung over just one of your shoulders, a satchel bag oozes style and can complement any outfit. This makes a satchel or messenger bag perfect for daily use. Especially if you’re heading to the office, a good leather satchel bag can protect your laptop and important documents while in transit. 

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Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about satchel bags. 

What are satchel bags for?

In the past, satchel bags were primarily used for carrying books and folders. Nowadays, though, satchel bags are great for carrying laptops and similarly shaped objects.

Is a satchel better for your back?

It depends on how heavy your load is. If your needing to carry heavy items, a backpack is often preferred to decrease tension on your neck and back. However, satchel bags are more convenient to put on and off.