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Wood Vs Aluminium Frame Outdoor Furniture: Which Is Best For Your Home?

At Briscoes, we’re your home for everything to do with outdoor living. This includes one of the essential elements of creating an oasis, quality outdoor furniture. If you’re lucky enough to be invited to your friend’s house for a backyard BBQ, chances are you’ll be sitting on one of two common outdoor chairs. 

Solid wood outdoor furniture and aluminium frame outdoor furniture are popular options for many homeowners choosing to deck out their backyard. In saying that, homeowners usually opt for one style or the other. So, how do you choose between wood and aluminium frame outdoor furniture? Our blog has gotten into the nitty gritty of these popular options of outdoor furniture table and chair options to help you decide. Here’s what we’ll cover:


What is aluminium frame furniture?

Benefits of aluminium frame furniture

Drawbacks of aluminium frame furniture

What kind of home is aluminium framed furniture suited for

What type of wood is often used for wood outdoor furniture?

Benefits of wood outdoor furniture

Drawbacks of wood outdoor furniture

What kind of home is wood outdoor furniture suited for

The range of aluminium frame and wood outdoor furniture at Briscoes


Let’s get started!

What is aluminium frame furniture?

Sometimes called aluminum in other parts of the world, aluminium is a type of metal that is very popular for outdoor chairs and furniture. Yes, you can get fully aluminium outdoor furniture. However, these outdoor chairs can be uncomfortable. So, aluminium framed outdoor furniture is popular in New Zealand, as you get the benefits of aluminium and the comfort of other softer materials or a cushion where you sit. 

Benefits of aluminium frame furniture

There are plenty of things to consider when choosing outdoor furniture. Whether looking for comfy outdoor furniture, chunky outdoor furniture or anything in between, there are always pros and cons to weighing up. Here are some of the benefits of choosing aluminium outdoor furniture. 

It doesn’t rust

When considering the best outdoor furniture options for rainy weather, it’s hard to look past aluminium. The weather in New Zealand can change quickly. Often, there are large periods of rain. Despite being a metal, aluminium doesn’t rust. A thin layer of natural aluminium oxide protects the surface. It can corrode, however. Luckily, most aluminium frames have a powder coating to prevent this. 


Another advantage of opting for aluminium frame outdoor garden furniture is its durability. Aluminium is a strong metal. In fact, 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today. Another great thing to note is that aluminium is also 100% recyclable. It’s a win, win.


You may think that because it’s a metal, aluminium is heavy. In reality, aluminium has a lower density than many other metals. Comparing it to steel, aluminium is 65% lighter. This makes it easy to move around your deck or garden.

It isn’t damaged by the sun easily

Especially during summer, the sun can really beam down on your favourite outdoor balcony furniture. Owners of aluminium furniture will be pleased to know that aluminium isn’t affected by UV radiation. This means that the metal itself will not lose colour. However, the paint or coating on top may be another story.