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Quilts, Quilt Covers and Duvet Covers - What Is The Difference?

Quilt covers, duvet covers, comforters and quilts, the list goes on. Are all of these just names for the same thing? Are they all just a kind of blanket? Or do each of these items serve a different purpose and offer unique benefits to your sleeping arrangement? At Briscoes, we’re the leaders in bedding. So, we get asked questions similar to the title of this guide all the time. We've compiled a lot of information to help you make a better-informed purchasing decision. Along the way, we’ll cover what makes a comforter special, whether blankets and quilts are the same, and answer many other questions you didn’t even know to ask. Here are the main points if you want to jump to them: 

The difference between quilt covers and duvet covers

The difference between a quilt and a comforter

How to decide between a quilt, comforter or duvet and duvet cover

The range of comforters and quilts a Briscoes

The range of duvet covers at Briscoes

Other ways to help get a better night’s sleep


Let’s get into it!


The difference between quilt covers and duvet covers

We’re proud to stock one of the most extensive selection of quilt covers and duvet covers in NZ. But what sets these two types of bedding apart? Generally speaking, nothing. Quilt covers and duvet covers are typically just names for the same thing. This can sometimes be confusing, as quilts and duvets inners are very different. Unlike standalone blankets, a quilt cover or duvet cover is an outer casing for a duvet inner.

Instead of a quilt cover, we normally call this casing a duvet cover in NZ. There are many types and styles of duvet cover to fit your decor or the current season. And they come in various sizes, including duvet covers in king single, duvet covers in queen and even kids duvet covers. One of the benefits of a duvet cover is that you don’t need to wash your duvet inner as often. Trust us; a duvet inner takes a while to dry!

The difference between a quilt and a comforter

It’s quite common for a quilt and comforter to be confused. However, these two items are vastly different. Usually, a quilt has three layers that are sewn together. The sewing is usually done so that a pattern or design is created with the stitching. The middle layer of the quilt is usually the thicker insulator, generally made from polyester, wool or some kind of down. 

On the other hand, a comforter serves a similar purpose but is made differently. In most cases, a comforter is made from two layers that are sewn together. Unlike the created patterns of a quilt, most comforters in NZ feature stitching that is in a grid format. Each of these boxes will be filled with some kind of insulator like down. Both comforters and quilts are designed to be used independently and without a cover.