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Heated Blankets & Electric Throws

Snuggle up and keep warm on those frosty New Zealand nights with this toasty range of electric blankets and heated throws from Briscoes. Paired with our ceramic heaters, convector heaters or oil heaters, you’ll feel warm and fuzzy all winter long. 

Feel the electricity with an electric blanket or heated throw

There’s no need to bundle up with excessive covers to keep yourself warm at night. With a blanket that’s electric, you can enjoy a clutter-free bed at a temperature that suits you. Nestle into soft and cosy materials like fleece, microfleece, and premium cotton, and experience indulgent comfort during the long New Zealand winter. 

Our electric blankets and heated throws feature supportive functions to help you stay snug and sleep easy. For easy night-time management, you can find electric blankets that include detachable temperature remotes with braille markings. Most of our electric blankets also offer an overheat protection function and timers for your safety. 

Find an electric blanket that fits your bed at Briscoes

Discover one of the best selections of electric blankets in NZ. From king electric blankets, super king electric blankets to queen electric blankets and single electric blankets. With many offering dual temperature controls – you and your partner needn’t argue over which heat setting to use. You may be asking yourself, electric blankets or a heater? Why not both? Shop a selection of fitted and tie-down options, along with other heating solutions at Briscoes. We provide you with competitively priced, quality homewares, as well as a price beat guarantee and fast shipping options. Choose from top brands, including Sunbeam electric blankets. 

Frequently asked questions

Here are your frequently asked questions about electric blankets for winter. 

What is the difference between a heated blanket and a heated throw?

Essentially, an electric blanket is meant to go underneath your sheets to warm your bed before you sleep at night. Whereas a heated throw can be used anywhere in the house. Because of this, heated throws often come in various colours, and electric blankets are usually plain in colour.

Do heated throw blankets use a lot of electricity?

Electric blankets and heated throws do use power, but in most cases, not that much. As with many other forms of heaters for rooms of different sizes, you get what you pay for. You can often read up on the power usage of a particular product before buying.