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Baby Manchester

Your baby can’t tell you if their muslin or swaddle wrap is uncomfortable, so you want to get the cosiest options possible for your bundle of joy. Your baby deserves the best, so choose from our wide variety of baby manchester at Briscoes. We’ve got options that are both comfortable and cute. 

Choose from cute muslin wraps and swaddle wraps

More often than not, babies don’t sleep in regular linen. Instead, they’re wrapped up in soft muslin cloths and swaddle wraps. There are many benefits to opting for a high-quality muslin wrap. Swaddling helps to regulate your baby's temperature and provides that supported feeling of being in the womb. When you’re baby is comfortable in their crib or cot, you want them to feel as comfortable as possible. That way, they’re far more likely to sleep all the way through the night. And in effect, you will too!

Choose from cute designs

Whether you want to wrap your baby in minimalist colours or cute designs, we’ve got what you’re after at Briscoes. Our range of baby manchester has something from every parent. Choose from unicorn patterns, starry night patterns and even little dinosaurs. Once you’ve picked out a muslin cloth or swaddle wrap, view our selection of cot mattress protectors. These protectors are fantastic at absorbing moisture. And, they help to stop allergies that may be caused by mould, bacteria or dust mites. Once bub is wrapped up and cosy, view our range of toys and other nursery items. Shop our range of baby manchester online with confidence thanks to our price-beat guarantee

Frequently asked quotations

Your frequently asked questions about baby manchester. 

What’s the difference between a swaddle and a muslin wrap?

Generally, a muslin wrap and swaddle are two names for the same thing. These cosy wraps come in a wide range of sizes and styles to provide comfort for your child.

Can a baby sleep in a muslin wrap?

Some parents swaddle their children when they put them to bed. Swaddling can help your baby to feel more comfortable at night and stop them from jerking around as much.