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We all sleep differently, so a duvet that suits one person may not be right for another. Find the one that works for you. The key things to consider are duvet weight and warmth. Well cared for, your duvet will last for many years, making it great value for money.

Our Range Explained

Understanding Fill Types and Materials

Duvets can be made with many types of fill ranging from natural materials such as down, feather, wool, cotton or bamboo. Or synthetic fibres such as polyester and microfibre. There are advantages to all types so weigh up your options carefully.

Down/Feather Fill

Down is the softer and much warmer smaller particles of feather. The more down in a blend, the warmer the duvet inner will be

Wool Fill

A truly versatile natural fibre, wool is both breathable and highly insulated. Suitable for any season it moves moisture away from the body for greater comfort

Bamboo Fill

Naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, odour, dust mite and mould-resistant, Bamboo is ideal for those prone to allergies and also as a summer sheeting choice

Cotton Fill

A totally natural and wholly renewable resource, cotton helps produce duvets that are both lightweight and thoroughly breathable. Ideal if you prefer to feel comfortably cool

Polyester & Microfibre Fill

Provides durable, affordable warmth. Polyester suits those who clean their duvet frequently to keep dust and other allergens at bay, while microfibre offers a soft, luxurious feel


Due to the nature of our climate it's recommended that you have a duvet for winter and another for the warmer months. Like choosing the correct pillow, the choice of the correct duvet inner to suit your requirements will result in a quality sleep.


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