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Buying Guide: Duvet Inners

Duvet inners in NZ come in a range of different shapes and sizes. That way, you can pick a duvet inner to fit your sleeping preference and the current season. At Briscoes, we have an extensive range of bedding, including a fantastic selection of duvet inners. However, if you don’t understand the different fills and weights, you could unintentionally come away with a duvet inner that just doesn’t feel right. And, if your bed doesn’t feel comfortable, that’s a one-way ticket to a poor night’s sleep. That’s why we’ve put together this buying guide to point you in the right direction. If you’re weighing up a wool duvet inner vs feather, or even comforters vs duvet, we’ll answer your burning questions. Here’s what we’ll go over:

How to know when it’s time for a new duvet inner

The different types of duvet inner

How to decide which duvet inner is right for you

The range of duvet inners at Briscoes

Let’s get started!

How to know when it's time for a new duvet inner

To start with, how do you actually know when it’s time to replace your duvet inner? There’s no set lifetime for a duvet inner, whether you have a silk duvet inner or wool duvet inner. Thankfully, there are signs you can look for that indicate it’s time for a trip to your local Briscoes


Especially if your duvet inner isn’t quilted in any way, the filling in your duvet inner can easily bunch up and cause clumps over time. Yes, sometimes a good shake of your duvet inners now and again may help. However, sometimes the clumps and lumps may never spread out again, making for an even filling. There’s nothing worse than a clumpy and unevenly weighted duvet. So, it may be time for a replacement if you’re noticing lumps in your favourite duvet.


Sometimes grime and sweat can seep through your duvet covers to leave a nasty stain on your duvet inner. Some of these stains can be removed with a spin in your washing machine or a trip to the dry cleaners. However, some stains and discolouration simply can’t be removed. You may think that stains and discolouration aren’t an issue since you’ll just be covering your duvet inner with a duvet cover. However, discolouration and marks on your duvet are often signs of dust, dead skin or other nasties that could be bad for your health

It's flat

No matter how much you love and look after your duvet inner, the filling will collapse over time. When the filling collapses, it loses its springiness and appears flat. Most of the time, there’s nothing you can do about this, whether you have a feather duvet inner or the finest wool duvet inners in NZ. So, if you’re duvet inner looks a bit flat, it may be time to replace it.


Duvet inners don’t quite leak like a tap, but they may rip or tear over time. Especially if you’re a restless sleeper, this damage can cause the filling within to spill out. If you notice filling in your duvet cover or visible rips, tears, undone stitching or leaking in your duvet inner, it’s time to head to Briscoes. In some cases, you may be able to restitch your worn duvet inner. However, this may only prolong the inevitable for a short while.

The different types of duvet inner

There are so many different types of duvet inners in NZ. Many come at different price points, have a different feel, and some are better insulators than others. All of the top duvet inners are available to purchase at Briscoes. Understanding each type's benefits and differences will help you find the perfect match. 

Down and feather


Lighter than a feather, down is the softer and much warmer small particles of feather. Down is responsible for generating insulation and warmth. Therefore, the more down in the blend, the warmer your duvet inner will be. As well as down, there will often be some feather present in your duvet inner’s blend. This is to provide structure and support to your fill. Down and feather duvet inners are a fantastic choice for winter. 


A truly versatile natural fibre, wool is both breathable and highly insulated. Given this fact, wool duvet inners in NZ are often preferred for all-year-round use. A wool duvet inner moves moisture away from the body for greater comfort. Choose wool for a duvet inner that keeps you warm during winter and cool throughout summer.

Polyester and microfibre

Providing durable and affordable warmth, polyester suits those who clean their duvet inner frequently to keep dust and other allergens at bay. Microfibre and polyester are great alternatives to natural fill without forfeiting the luxurious feel. If looked after properly, polyester and microfibre duvet covers are a fantastic trans-seasonal option. 


Bamboo duvet covers are perfect for those with allergies. This is because bamboo duvet covers are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, as well as being odour, dust mite and mould-resistant. Unlike other fills, bamboo duvet inners are usually a bit thinner but are still very durable and long-lasting. Bamboo duvet inners are often perfect for summer.

How to decide which duvet inner is right for you

There are so many different options, whether you’re after summer duvet inners for NZ conditions or winter duvet inners for NZ’s cold, often cold conditions. So how do you decide which duvet inner is best for your bed? There’s not one magic formula to making a decision. However, going over the main considerations will help you to make the most educated decision possible. 

The season

As you’d expect, and as is the case with many different bedding options, there are duvet inners that are ideal for different seasons. Some are warmer than others and are better insulators, whereas other duvet inners are more breathable. It can be a good idea to have a duvet inner for each season that you can easily switch out. 

Top tip: As well as your duvet, it can be a good idea to switch out your sheets for the season. Read our guide to bed sheets for more advice to do with your sheets.


Some people simply drew the short straw and have annoying allergies. When you’re trying to get some rest, your allergies playing up is the last thing you want. If you or whoever you’re sharing a bed with has an allergy, or in particular, is allergic to dust, you may want to consider a hypoallergenic duvet inner. Many of these allergy-safe duvet inners are made from manufactured materials like polyester or microfibre. 

Top tip: If you have an allergy, you’ll also want your pillow to be hypoallergenic. Check out our guide to buying a pillow for some pointers on pillow buying.


Not all duvet inners are created equal. As a result, not all duvet inners cost the same. Sure, you’ll want the best duvet inner in NZ. However, it still needs to be within budget. If you have a tight bedding budget that you’re working to, you can either filter our duvet inners online via price. Otherwise, you may want to pop in and speak to your local Briscoes team to help you find the right solution. 


Understanding and considering GSM is an important piece to the duvet inner buying puzzle. GSM means grams per square meter. It’s a measurement of the duvet inner’s textile weight. If you’re looking for a thicker duvet inner for winter, or one that is very durable, you may want to consider a duvet inner with a high GSM. However, if you’re on a budget or want a duvet inner for summer, a duvet inner with lower GSM may be the way to go. Read our extensive guide that answers the question; what does GSM mean when it comes to duvets? There are also many other ways to keep warm with science when it comes to your bedroom. 

The range of duvet inners at Briscoes

As we’ve already mentioned, we have a wide variety of duvet inners available at Briscoes. Either shop online or in-store with confidence thanks to our price promise and fast delivery right to your front door. Choose from all of the styles we’ve already mentioned in all sizes. Leading brands we supply include:

  • Royal Doulton
  • Dream Science
  • Galaxy
  • Alastair’s
  • Hotel @ Home
  • Habitat
  • Greenfirst
  • John Cotton
  • Hilton

If you need further advice on any bedding, it may even be a good idea to pop into your local Briscoes store to talk with our bedding experts. 

Want to buy a new duvet inner?

There are many benefits to choosing a duvet inner over other options like a quilt or comforter. All of these options are good, but a duvet inner allows you the flexibility to change out your duvet cover to suit the seasons and your style. For more bedding advice, check out our guide that explores trans-seasonal layering or our sleep shop.