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Your Guide to Duvet Inners

It's cooling down... understand our range of fills and weights to find the right duvet inner for you. Our duvet inner's range from natural materials such as down, wool, cotton or bamboo, to synthetic fibres like polyester and microfibre. Well cared for, your duvet will last for many years, ensuring a quality sleep every night.




Our Range Explained

Understand the different fills and weights. Find the most suitable weights foryour sleep style and seasons. Are you wanting a heavy and natural fill to get you through winter? Or are you after a trans-seasonal weight for a quality sleep all night long? 



Down & Feather

Lighter than a feather, down is the softer and much waremer small particles of feather. Down is responsible for generating the insulation and warmth and therefore, The more down in a blend, the warmer the duvet will be. Feathers, provide structure and support to your fill and play an equally important part.