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Sateen Sheets 

Sateen sheets have a very unique but comfortable silky feeling to the fabric. They have a smooth and luxurious feel given the diagonal weave. A sateen sheet set is lightweight, making it perfect for summer and warm enough for the cooler months. Whether you’re after sateen fitted sheets for a queen, or sateen fitted sheets for a kids bed, browse our range online. Check out our sheet buying guide for more information, tips and tricks. 


Frequently asked questions

Here are commonly asked questions about sateen sheets. 

Are sateen sheets good sheets? 

Absolutely. Given the silky fabric, sateen sheets won’t pill over time. They also offer a unique and silky feel. 

Are sateen sheets better than silk?

It really comes down to personal preference. Silk is a natural fabric that offers a similar texture to sateen which is often synthetic or made with blended fibres. Typically, silk sheets are more expensive and hard to care for, while sateen sheets offer the luxurious feel for less.