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Choosing the Perfect Pillow

Finding the right pillow is essential to having a good nights sleep. With a wide range of fills and shapes, finding the perfect pillow for your sleep-style can be difficult. Here's your guide to navigating through our range to find what's best for you. Before purchasing a pillow, it is important to consider your sleep-style, consider different fill types, and recognise when it's time to replace your existing pillow,


Pillows for Every Sleep-Style

Are you finding you are waking up throughout the night? This could mean that it's time to change-up your pillow. The correct pillow will help to reduce neck pain by working to keep your spine aligned and in a neutral position, and keep you sound asleep all night long.


Side Sleepers

This sleeping position is preferred by the majority of people. Sleeping on your side encourages deeper sleep by aligning your ears and shoulders with your spine and enhances breathing. These sleepers need a thick, firm pillow to keep their ears in line with their shoulders to prevent their neck from extending.

Pillow Recommendation: Firm/Medium pillow, Down/Down alternative, Foam/Memory Foam