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Your towels shouldn't only feel good, they should look good too. Add comfort and colour to your bathroom and change the look out to suit the season.

The majority of towels are made of loops, the most absorbent type of weave. Twists in the loops offer durability, stability and reduce pilling or fibre shedding. Low or zero twist yarns have lower twisting, so they feel softer and fluffier. They can, however, produce lint for longer as a result. The softest and most luxurious towels are made from longer, finer yarns, such as Egyptian cotton.

Choosing the Right Towel

Cotton Towels

Made from natural fibres, cotton towels are soft and absorbent. They are crafted with threads that have only been ever so slightly twisted, greatly reducing the towel's drying time and perfect for a touch of luxury

Micro Cotton

Micro cotton towels are extremely absorbent, soft, plush and quick drying. They are also remarkably durable

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is a natural fibre. It feels silky soft to touch and breathes easily for superior moisture absorption

Did you know?

All new towels will lint. This is a direct consequence of the manufacturing process and does not correlate in any way to the quality of the towel. A new towel will need to be washed at least 5-8 times before linting should completely cease. Always wash towels separately to avoid any lint transference.

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