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Towels Buying Guide

Everyone has their preference on the ideal towel for not only looking good, but feeling good too! By choosing a towel you may not normally choose, you can add that additional pop of colour you may have been missing in your bathroom. This will also lead to having multiple towel options in your linen cupboard to change things up whenever you want or need to!



Our Top Brands

Discover our top towel brands with lots of different designs, colours and types. Many brands will have both the individual bath towel, guest towel, hand towel, face cloth and bath mat along with collections to shop them all at the same time!


Find the right size

All brands and types of towels come in all different shapes and sizes which are listed in the description for each towel that Briscoes stocks.

Below are the standard towel sizes that most brands will follow:

  • Bath Sheet: 100cm x 160cm
  • Bath Towel: 70cm x 135cm
  • Hand Towel: 50cm x 100cm
  • Bath Mat: 50cm x 80cm
  • Guest Towel: 30cm x 50cm
  • Face Towel: 30cm x 30cm





A Towel Weight

A towel is measured in grams per square metre (GSM). This number will vary between 300-900.

A 300-400 gram towel will be lighter and thinner which would typically be better for the gym or in the kitchen.

A 400-600 GSM is the medium range that would typically be good for your everyday bath towel. 

A 600-900 GSM is absorbent and dense, however this will mean it needs a bit more drying time. 



Choosing the right fabric

  • Cotton Towels
    • These are made from natural fibres which are soft and absorbent. They are crafted with threads that have only been ever so slightly twisted which means it reduced the towel's drying time. This is perfect for a touch of luxury!
  • Micro Cotton
    • Micro Cotton towels are extremely absorbent, soft, plush and quick drying. They are also remarkably durable. 
  • Egyptian Cotton
    • Egyptian Cotton is a natural fibre. It feels silky soft to touch and breathes easily for superior moisture absorbtion. 





Towel ranges from many different countries

Egyptian – Generally a higher end product & highly regarded in NZ

Turkish – Generally a higher end product

India - Briscoes' main source for towels – they make a very high quality towels as good as any Turkish or Egyptian towel

Pakistan – The entry level products comes out of Pakistan. These are great value and good quality




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