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10 Ways To Make Your Home Warmer This Winter

Feeling like you are sitting in your house freezing cold with no ideas of how to improve your warmth without blasting your heater all day and spending all your money? Here are Briscoes' top tips to help you stay warm inside your home for every cold Winter moment! 




1. Use Your Curtains

When the weather is sunny, but you are still cold in your house, make sure to open all your curtains that the sun could be beaming through to make the most of the free warmth! 
However.. don't make the mistake of not closing them when the sun goes down because you will lose the heat the sun has provided. If you do this, you will keep all the warmth in and hopefully won't have to use much electricity at night. 

Having full length curtains can also help the heat stay in even more at night time when it is that little bit colder. 





2. Schedule Your Heaters

If you are able to schedule your heating, schedule it to 30 minutes before you wake up. If you do this, you will wake up to a warmer house and start off the day in a better mood without being cold and wanting to stay in bed all day! 

Another way to pre heat your house is the night before you are wanting to be warm the next morning, turn on your heated towel rail if you have one in your bathroom, along with heated flooring. This will ensure you wake up and your bathroom will be warm and so will your towel for when you get out of the shower. 



3. Insulation

If your house is not insulated, none of the heating techniques you are trying to use will help! A third of heat in a home is lost through uninsulated walls, floors and ceilings so all the money you may be spending on heating will most likely be a waste and won't be working to keep your house warm. Although insulation is at the higher priced end, you won't regret it once you realise you can keep heat in and you're living in that house for years and years. 

FUN FACT: If you can't afford the cost of insulation, using bubble wrap against your windows can provide an extra layer of protection from the cold air outside.






4. Block Out The Draughts

Having something like a draught stopper as a step to keep your home warm can stop that little bit of cold you feel whilst wondering where that is coming from when all your doors are shut. Using a draught stopper at the bottom of your door or along the windows where there are any little cracks, can prevent this little bit of cold air that you keep feeling from get through. 




5. Use Rugs where you can

If you have hard wood floors and they aren't insulated, you can lose up to 10% of the heat through the floors. Lay down as many rugs as you can where the heat could potentially be lost. This will also be beneficial if you are roaming on the house with no shoes on, your feet will stay warm!






6. Leave your oven door open after use

Every time you use the oven, whether that is when you are cooking something on your work from home days or you're cooking the family dinner, make sure to leave your oven door open after you use it. This will push even more hot air in the house that isn't any extra charge since you have already been using it!



7. Reduce condensation

Condensation causes your house to be damp and produce mould, so being able to reduce condensation will prevent these 2 things to heat your home easier!
- Wipe condesation every morning if you wake up with it anywhere in your home. 
- Put lids on while you are cooking.
- Use an extrator fan in the kitchen and bathroom when cooking and showering.
- Close the bathroom door when you shower. 
- Dry your clothes outside or in a garage. 






8. Get a good Electric Blanket

When purchasing an electric blanket, you may not know what the best one to buy is, or what technology you would like it to have, but be sure to purchase one so when you turn all the heaters off at night as you go to bed, you have one last heat source to keep you warm until you fall asleep. 




9. Move objects away from the heat

By moving away all your furniture or any other objects away from the heating, you will ensure the heating can circulate freely around the room. Even if you are sitting my the heater trying to warm yourself up, you will make yourself even colder as soon as you move away, so try sacrifice your immediate warmth for long term warmth in the room. 






10. Get a good heater!

If you don't have the right heater for the right space, you may be using a lot more electricity than you need to be using. There are so many different heaters that you could be using, however knowing the right rooms to put them in and what temperature is ideal to not only keep you warm, but ensure you save some power in the process. 



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